Handmade Upholstery Norfolk

If you’re looking for Handmade Upholstery in Norfolk, Panks Upholstery is the place for you. Here, we have handmade upholstery and a range of other things to suit you and your decor. Whether you’re looking for furniture restoration, cushions, upholstery, or something different, our friendly team of experts can help you.

Handmade Upholstery In Norfolk
Panks Upholstery specialise in handmade upholstery in Norfolk. We also offer high quality and lovingly made furniture that is far superior in its appearance and comfort to any manufactured furniture. We know we can give you upholstery, furniture, and other high quality items unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. This is why we have many loyal customers who choose to buy from us again and again. Our service, products, and prices are second to none.

When you see our handmade upholstery, you’ll instantly understand why it is so much better than manufactured upholstery. The look and feel of handmade upholstery makes it feel special in comparison to other furniture. There’s nothing quite like handmade upholstery that has been lovingly made. Using traditional upholstery techniques allows us to provide the best quality handmade upholstery we can for you. We also offer competitive pricing, so not only are you getting handmade, high quality, beautiful upholstery, you’re getting it at an unbeatable price. Our overall service is like nothing else in the Norfolk area!

Handmade Upholstery At Competitive Prices
Panks Upholstery are a family run business offering a traditional service of providing high quality handmade upholstery at competitive prices for you. Not only do we offer handmade upholstery, we also offer:
Handmade furniture
Furniture restoration

With the above items from us, you can give your home that ‘X factor’ and become the envy of all of your friends.

Visit Panks Upholstery For Tailor Made Items for Your Home
At Panks Upholstery we pride ourselves on a traditional service in creating high quality, bespoke furniture and offering a re-upholstery service for you. If you’re looking for handmade upholstery in Norfolk, you won’t find a service or product better than ours - and that’s a promise!

All of our new items are lovingly created with the greatest attention to detail and older items are given a new lease of life with a re-upholster and a new look. When you choose us, you can fill your home with beautiful furniture and items that really show off your personality and help you to amp up your decor. Who wants a boring decor anyway? By choosing us as your handmade upholstery supplier in Norfolk, you’ll be able to give your home more character than ever before!

If you have something special in mind or you’d like to learn more about our service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Panks Upholstery team today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have and will do our utmost to cater our cost effective service to you. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping with all of your handmade upholstery needs in Norfolk!