Handmade Furniture Norwich

At Panks Upholstery, we’re an independent business that prides ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers. We believe it’s our mission to help provide you with a range of things to improve your home and help you get the interior design styles you’re looking for. 

As well as our highly popular re-upholstery service, we also offer handmade furniture in Norwich that’s completely made to order and designed for you. 
Bespoke Handmade Furniture In Norwich
We understand that everyone has different tastes. More to the point, it can be hard to find the exact furniture you want when you’re looking around these massive furniture stores that have their own items for sale. Consequently, we decided to start creating bespoke handmade furniture in Norwich, to allow you to purchase your perfect piece. 

With our handmade furniture service, we call upon a team full of experience in this field. Everyone here knows how to put together multiple pieces of furniture, by hand. What’s more, we only use the highest quality materials to ensure your furniture is built to last and can handle the wear and tear of regular life. 
Handmade Furniture That’s Made For You
The beauty of this service is that you have complete control over the piece of furniture we produce. When we say we offer bespoke handmade furniture in Norwich, we mean it. There are no stock pieces of furniture that we sell and give you a chance to alter here and there. No, it all starts with you and your vision, every piece we create begins with a blank slate. 

Our process is simple, we ask you what you want and then go about creating it. We know that everyone has a vision for their home, and they have certain pieces of furniture they think will fit perfectly. As such, we let you reel off your ideas and describe the furniture you want. Then, we draw up a few designs and show them to you to ensure we’re on the same page. We’ll be happy to provide some advice here and there and bounce a few ideas off you if you’re unsure about certain aspects of the piece. But, the final decision is entirely up to you!

We continue to work alongside you throughout the process, checking in and providing you with updates so you can see how your handmade furniture is progressing. Don’t be afraid to make any changes to your furniture while we’re making it, if you have second thoughts about something, we’ll change it to stick to your new vision. 
Get In Touch Today
If you’re interested in completely bespoke, handmade furniture in Norwich, then get in touch with us today. Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions and want to know more about this service. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote, with the price depending on the scale of the project. 

Improve your home and get some furniture you truly love by using our handmade furniture service today!