Upholstery norwich

No home or office can be considered complete without suitable seating for all. We expect to be offered a place to sit whether we are at work, in a waiting room, or visiting a friend. In old churches, hard wooden pews made the congregation sit up and take note of what the minister was saying. And it was always very difficult to fall asleep in the uncomfortable chairs in Norwich dentist’s waiting rooms. The upholstery profession turns bare and uncomfortable wooden and metal chairs into seats which are pleasurable to use and to look at.
Do you have a favourite chair which offers just the right combination of support, comfort and style for your taste? Perhaps it has been in the family for generations, or it may be suffering the results of wear and tear of a busy household. Whatever the case, upholstery specialists like Panks of Norwich can endow your furniture with a new lease of life. Or maybe while visiting their showroom, you’ll spot a replacement item which would do the job even better.
Some people love shopping for furniture and household items, others less so. Picking curtains can be a tedious chore if you aren’t really that way inclined, and the same goes for ornaments and fittings. Wallpaper and paint just don’t inspire some people, which is why so many living rooms up and down the country are a uniform magnolia. But furniture, with it’s multiplicity of styles, colours, textures, fabrics and purposes is a different proposition. For one thing, furniture is more than just decorative; you use furniture, so it’s form, proportions and design must be more than attractive, they must be practical too. Panks offer professional upholstery services in the Norwich area. So don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to chairs and other upholstered furnishings, make sure your getting something that’s just right for you, or you could be sitting uncomfortably for years to come.
It isn’t surprising high quality upholstery services should be available in Norwich. The city has a rich heritage in the wool trade and in weaving, as many local artefacts and museums will testify. So if you’re interested in local history, take a trip down memory lane in one of these establishments and see how the history of Norwich was affected by these great industries. Of course, the primary application for fabrics of all kinds has been in the making of clothes. But during the middle ages, new levels of wealth were achieved and the upper classes demanded greater luxury. This led to a boom in the invention and production of soft furnishings. Norwich would likely have been the second largest settlement in the British Isles around that time, so it makes sense that the new trade of upholstery (those in the trade were known as ‘upholders’ back then) would have flourished in the city.
In modern times, beautiful furniture is still a status symbol and upholstery experts of Norwich can supply you with the best examples.