Re-upholstery norwich

Many of us have a favourite chair, the one which makes us feel most comfortable. Maybe it’s an elegant lounge chair which is perfectly in keeping with the sumptuous decor of your home. Or it could be a traditional wingback in front of the log fire in your local pub. Maybe it’s the imposing mahogany and green leather captain’s chair in your office at work. But no matter which of these best describes your preferred seat, sooner or later you may require the services of re-upholstery experts in Norwich.
Re-upholstery is not a craft which can be learned quickly. Norwich professionals have many years of training and experience behind them, and must stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the trade. The sheer variety of styles of furniture which have been produced over the years and throughout the world means that those who practice re-upholstery professionally never know what they may come across next. It can be a very enjoyable challenge to examine the antiques of Norwich, discover how they were manufactured, and devise ways to repair and maintain them.
In the case of very old antiques, careful consideration must be given to the materials used in the restoration work. To preserve the value of such pieces, it is usually expected that stuffing and coverings would be replaced like for like. However, if the item is to be used on a daily basis, those conducting the re-upholstery of the piece may choose a modern material with similar properties to the original but which will prove more hard wearing or resistant to conditions. In a few rare cases, Norwich antiques may have been found to contain materials which it is no longer legal to use for this purpose, due to them being from endangered species of animal.
Seating and other soft furnishings must not only be pleasing to look at, they must also be shaped to give support and comfort to the human form. It has taken hard work over many centuries to arrive at the understanding of design and ergonomics we have today. When it comes to the re-upholstery of furniture, the experts at our Norwich workshop must be just as conscious of these principles of design as were the original creators of the piece. And since the re-upholstery process if often as a result of the owner wishing to use different fabrics or cushions, or to make other modifications to the item, this can throw up entirely new challenges. Padding must be cut to shape, and traditional techniques are mixed with modern to produce the form and attributes demanded by the customer. And when all this is done, the overlaying fabric must have the colour, texture and appearance to complete the restoration.
Norwich was traditionally home to a great many weavers, and to have your re-upholstery project completed here will give you access to a wealth of expertise in the world of decorative fabrics. Choose Panks Upholstery of Norwich to re imagine your beloved furniture.